Modular Housing

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Project was done in Argus-Art, Co.Ltd

The task for this project was to test if a site in the outskirts of Vladivostok suited for a residential community. A key challenge was to find a proper building density that would meet client’s requirements of construction area and at the same time create comfortable environment for residents.

To begin with, we took square as a basic shape for a plan of a module. It can be rotated freely, and allows to create various room layouts. We determined a unit size that gives rooms sufficient depth and satisfies requirements for insolation of bedrooms and living rooms. Another square outline that is turned around vertical axis, forms balconies. Their location can vary on different floors even if room layouts are identical. When floors stacked on top of each other to form a 3-4-story module, balconies add variety to façade and make street front less repetitive.

Apartment on the last floor of a module can have a private courtyard or skylight and individual roof access. All the roofs are intended to be multifunctional to expand recreational options of the community and increase greening ratio. Resulting boxes are connected with a staircase block into groups of 2 or 3 modules and  playfully distributed on the site. Because of gently sloping character of terrain, almost every group has a space under one of the modules that can be used as a parking, which leaves more area for public landscape.

Although this modular housing project was developed for one particular site, it can certainly be used as a freestanding townhouse or a typical unit of a complex master plan.

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