Toronto Winter Station

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Design proposal for a competition

The idea for the pavilion is based on the contrast between two words from the design theme. “Freeze” and “thaw” are reflected as two direct opposites, fused in one object. They coexist like two states of water at 0°C. Rigid, static shell — with a soft, dynamict membrane inside. Monochromatic and colourful, cold and warm, lifeless and inviting.



Pavilion almost completely hides lifeguard stand within folds of its tensile part. Combination of sharp and soft pleats creates cozy spaces to gather with friends, or sit alone, hiding from wind and enjoying views. Lean on fabric, and its flexible structure will gently support you. Solid part of the pavilion will cover from elements and provide a place to sit on.




Construction utilizes minimal variety and reasonable amount of materials: pavilion is composed of a painted chipboard-clad primary metal structure, fabric partition supported by a sewed-in system of flexible rods and strings. Secondary structure that supports long span of the roof is hidden within membrane’s curves.





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