Songlei Department Store Expansion

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Project was done in ZNA

This was probably one of the most interesting projects that I worked on in terms of pre-design research. It was located in Harbin, where I had been living for half a year. A little bit more than a century ago the city had a strong relations with Russia in cultural and economical aspects. Signs of this impact, though in small numbers, still can be found around Harbin.

One of remaining historical buildings is located at the corner of our site. In the beginning of the 20th century it was a residence of a Russian enterpriser, and after that – an Italian consulate in Harbin. Then during Cultural revolution the building was seriously damaged. At last, economical development of the city in recent years resulted in massive construction of shopping malls that dominate over low-rise historical legacy.

Both options that were proposed would become a background for a renovated ex-consulate. Option one featured a layered wall pattern that wrapped a store’s extension as a fine lace. Option two had considered old architectural language through sculptural wall and building’s proportions.





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