“Plateau” Shopping Mall

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Project was done in Argus-Art, Co.Ltd

The site for this project was an abandoned plot in the middle of a large residential compound, which was primarily used as a parking. Design challenge was to combine visions of how to make this rather useless piece of land more valuable. Improving lives of locals by erecting a shopping mall there can partly respond to the problem, but in order to meet client’s request to get maximum floor area we virtually needed to occupy a whole site. Trying to balance building footprint by increasing its height was not a very promising solution either, as it could affect views from apartments around the site.

A solution came out of analysis of the site. North side of the plot is about 10-12 meters higher than south side. This defined design direction to try to hide most of volume of the shopping mall in the terrain and cover it with a multifunctional roof.

First options had a few levels of terraces that were connected with interior spaces and could become interesting places for public life.

After a few rounds of discussions, design direction was approved, but main client’s comment was to reduce terraces and increase usable area.

When all of the terraces were removed for the last proposal, overall design became more clear. Mass of the shopping mall turned into a tectonic plate that shifted, exposing one of its faces. This face became a border between recreational space on the multifunctional roof and events plaza of a shopping mall on a lower level. They seem to function independently, but the mall in between serves both as a destination point for people from either side and as a transit space to get from lower level to the top and vice versa.






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