“Okean” Cinema Reconstruction

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Project was done in Argus-Art, Co.Ltd

“Okean” cinema is a cultural heritage of Soviet architecture of the 1970s. It’s one of the most popular cultural destinations in the city, thanks to its location and the largest cinema hall among other theatres. Every year it hosts “Pacific Meridian” international film festival.  A developer’s brief suggested to extend cinema with new halls and build an office tower on op of them.






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Site boundary is quite tight and is limited by memorial square in the south, existing buildings in the east and road in the north and west. There are pathways within it that have to be preserved: an emergency exit from cinema hall, several cinema entrances and a passage uphill along west edge of site boundary.


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Roof of the cinema annex is leveled with memorial plaza adjacent to the south-west part of the site. Its volume embodies cinema halls that increase total cinema capacity by 40%. A stair to the roof terrace is moved, and former access paths are preserved.


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Proposed volume of the office tower is defined by distance from the cinema, height limit and office room depth. West corner of the site is certainly the most suitable location for it.


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In order to create a balanced and harmonious ensemble with existing building, a massing study is seeking for a simple shape for a tower part. Through a series of steps office annex inherits its elliptical silhouette from the shape of the cinema in plan. Caps of the cylinder become glass walls that enclose offices. Part of the slope is removed for entrance plaza in front of the tower.


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Top of the tower is stretched to increase room area slightly. Volume is split into two parts to lit the corridors.


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Terraced roof above added cinema halls connects memorial park and existing cinema’s roof terrace. Formerly monotonous park edge is pulled towards the sea at one point to create a landmark element. Two stairs re-direct and optimize peoples flows along the tower and further up.





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