Commercial Street Development Competition

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Project was done in ZNA

In China, even new construction may need to represent traditional Chinese style in some degree. This commercial street development project was designed using elements, that were specific to Jining local architectural language.

I developed a number of buildings that would become contemporary interventions in this traditional fabric. Usually they would be one story taller than the surrounding, and this extra height together with minimalistic appearance and faceted volume let them stand out against relatively homogeneous urban context.




Two high-rise office buildings were placed at one of the street ends. Their tower parts represented vernacular Jining elements, that were turned into in abstract patterns, while base had a stronger visual connection with the rest of commercial street through simplified traditional design elements, like brick wall cladding or canopies and roofs.



A street furniture set was also proposed as a part of design package. It also followed an overall idea for contemporary elements of the project to use folding as a major method of a shape creation. Appropriate material and color palette were chosen to match and blend with architectural background.

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