Baikal Resort Hotel

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Design proposal for SEZ “Baikalskaya Gavan” /

Hotel design essentially means designing guest experience. Design brief specifically stressed that all guest rooms must have views to the Baikal Lake. At the same time, a very narrow site stretches along the lake from south-west to north-east, which means that natural insolation is only possible for a limited time in the afternoon. So, the design process started from searching for the best solution for a comfortable guest room. site


According to design brief, hotel must accommodate up to 30 guest rooms in a single building and not to exceed 3 floors height. Together with requirement to provide all rooms with the lake views, it defines linear shape of the hotel. Proportions of the plot do not allow to place the hotel volume across it, therefore it should be parallel to the lake shoreline.


Rooms can have orientation either to the north-west or west. A solar test has been made in order to check amount of natural light in living area of guest rooms on the 22nd of June (top) and 22nd of March/September (bottom). While in summer rooms of either orientation are insolated for a normative period, during spring and autumn orientation to the west is more favorable.


Two floors of guest rooms with service and common areas on the ground floor form simple initial hotel volume, which is then slightly modified to accommodate required service areas and vertical circulation elements.










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